This is my journey to getting healthy. According to some gentlemen I am already "healthy" but that's just like saying thick/fat/juicy. No, I want to be strong/healthy/fit. That is where I'm headed.


My trainer yesterday murdered my arms. I told him the weight was too much when I was doing it, but he clearly thought I could hang.
Today, I can’t fully extend it raise my arms.
I’m a T-Rex.

Few pics from the past couple days. A friend I met at Disney came to visit and we did touristy stuff. I swear I’m drunk in love with Chicago. As soon as the temps drop below 50 I’m gonna wish I was in California.
The last picture is the view from my balcony. I smile every time I walk out my door and see this. It was gorgeous today after two super humid days.

I had my final personal training session at the gym today. He killed my arms, but in a good way. If I could afford it, I’d keep using it for a little longer. In the end I need to do it on my own, though.

Happy Wednesday to everyone! 😘

Self-forgiveness is essential to self-healing.

—Ruth Carter Stapleton (via onlinecounsellingcollege)








A game of Never Have I Ever that takes a twist, and will leave you with chills at the end. 

that is not what i expected, woah

I thought this would be fun, but I got bitch slapped with life

watch and learn

This is amazing.


Dude, I didn’t know what to expect, and it was something I needed to hear

When I first met you, that’s what I remember. I looked up at the sky and thought, I’m going to love this person because even the sky looks different.

Margaret Stohl,  ”Beautiful Chaos  (via vfilthy)

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People truly amuse me. Two guests just chose to sit inside opposed to the patio because outside there’s ‘too much pollution.’
It’s Chicago.


Post-vacation inspiration.  

She made this look so easy.

Traffic leaving the gym sucks. 

However, the views make it worth it.

Traffic leaving the gym sucks.

However, the views make it worth it.


A brilliant metaphor

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