This is my journey to getting healthy. According to some gentlemen I am already "healthy" but that's just like saying thick/fat/juicy. No, I want to be strong/healthy/fit. That is where I'm headed.

Sprints in black cuz it’s a funeral for my fat!

I just didn’t have it in me today!
I did some squats since the squat rack was open for the first time ever. Then some ab work, followed by sprints. I actually… Don’t hate sprints. I think because they’re quick & easy & done with. So I don’t mind them! However, I was going to do a mile afterwards for September Challenge, but I wasn’t feeling it. So instead I cycled my last 3 miles for the week!

Now my favorite time! Dinner & Netflix! Aaahhhh I love days off. 😉

I even wrote my Statement of Purpose for grad school this morning. Getting shtuff done!

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